Don't Bring Your Donkey Penis to the Airport

A customs agent at an airport in New Zealand wouldn’t let a passenger fly home with his donkey penis.¬†Of course, we don’t mean that his junk was too big to fly home with or fit in the overhead storage compartment. How would the COED staff ever get anywhere if that was the case? No, we are talking about a literal donkey phallus. [Image via bagsgroove/Flickr]
Last month, an unidentified passenger was flying from China to New Zealand before his detainment at the Wellington International Airport. Since he was traveling from another country, he and his luggage first had to go through their customs department or what they call the “Ministry of Primary Industries.” An inspection of his bags revealed he was transporting a ton of animal meat and a “29-centimeter phallus” that once belonged to a donkey. Fortunately for him, he declared the donkey penis as “meat”–as would any other guy referring to their junk.
Unfortunately, the customs agents did not allow him to bring it into their country. So they had to confiscate it and (ouch!) destroy it. The man in question didn’t face any charges because he wasn’t trying to smuggle the item into the country or commit any nefarious actions. He declared the item as food before his flight, according to proper airport procedures. That probably sounds weird to non-genitalia eating countries. In truth, it’s actually quite a high priced delicacy in China. They even have a restaurant dedicated to serving nothing but dishes that incorporate animals’ neither regions. We’re sure that it takes a hell of a lot of alcohol to get such a meal down and erase the memory that you once had animal genitalia in your mouth.

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