New Four-Team College Basketball Event Coming in 2018

There are times where athletic directors think outside the box. That’s what Michigan State AD Mark Hollis did in coming up with a new four-team event in December 2018 that will see the Spartans, North Carolina, Florida and Texas playing three games in three different sites over eight days while traveling together on a single airplane. The teams will play in New York on Dec. 15, Chicago Dec. 18 and Los Angeles Dec. 22 during the tour.
It is a very unique idea that is going to be talked about for the next four years before it actually arrives. The thought of having all four teams on the same flight together is interesting. What happens if there is a fight between two teams during the first game of the trip? The rest of the trip is going to be a long one then without any doubt.
Hollis deserves a lot of credit for coming up with a new idea. Only time will tell on whether or not the idea works and if it is done again in future years especially with four high-powered programs together.

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