Suspected Kidnapper, Carjacker Caught with Surf And Turf In His Pants

A man suspected of kidnapping and carjacking started his little crime spree by trying to shoplift some lobsters and rib-eye steaks by hiding them in his pants. [Images via alexhealing and rengber/Flickr]
The incident took place in Oakland, California (aka The Wild West) where police said the unidentified suspect entered a Safeway store in a local shopping center and attempted to sneak out his surf and turf meal by stuffing them in his trousers. A store manager witnessed the man stuffing three frozen lobsters and a pack of rib-eye steaks into his pants and a surveillance camera also recorded the attempted theft. Unfortunately, the manager didn’t have time to approach the subject because he immediately fled out the front of the store with his cargo in tow (or should that be “in camel toe”? I’m sorry).
Once he made it to the parking lot, he stole an elderly man’s SUV, a burgundy 2001 Infiniti SUV, by threatening the driver with a knife. He fled the scene in the car with the man and a 13-year-old girl. Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect and the location of the car.
We hope that the police are able to find the suspect and the two people he kidnapped safely and quickly. We also hope and pray that when he’s caught, he’ll get one of those judges who just loves to dole out weird but appropriate punishments and will sentence the suspect to something like 30 days of wearing a pair of pants with a family of live lobsters inside of them.

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