Tawny Jordan Returns In V-Day Lingerie To Warm You Up [PHOTOS]

Since we first featured the gorgeous Tawny Jordan as a Miss COED back on June 5th, we couldn’t stop seeing her name or her face everywhere we looked–from the Mayweather v Alvarez fight (where she was a ring girl) to Extra Mustard’s Lovely Lady of the Day. We even tried getting Tawny to be one of two surprise guests in our Miss COED of the Year voting but our schedules just didn’t mesh.
All the same, we were very happy to open our inbox and see that Tawny had sent us some photos wearing not just some sexy red Valentine’s Day-themed lingerie but a Miss COED tank as well! It’s moments like these that make us grateful we trekked through inches of snow and dirty subways to come to work.
Check out those V-Day selfies, plus some of Tawny’s newer work, below.

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