Two Dumb Guys Get Into the World's Most Hilarious Slap Fight [VIDEO]

Two bros who apparently never took a karate, self-defense or physical education class in their lives got into one of the most hilarious fights we’ve ever seen.
The fight started when one of them (we kid you not) took the other guy’s bong. The two prepared to throw down in a neighborhood driveway but when the fists start flying, they don’t technically land. In fact, neither one hits the other guy for more than a full minute. So right away, you realize that you’re in for a treat because they are either really bad at fighting or they have really poor depth perception.
That’s when it gets even more pathetic, even for two guys who can’t land a punch. They exchange some words and start rolling around on the ground but they are too winded to even slap each other around. If anything, this should prove to every pro-sports organization in the world that marijuana is not a performance enhancing drug.
Unfortunately, we’ll never know if these two ever settled their differences. There isn’t a followup video that explains what happened to these two fist fighters. We’d like to imagine that they followed it up with a friendly settling of their differences after they realized that neither has the physical prowess or stamina to actually finish an actual fight and celebrated their now-found peace with a celebratory bong hit. Unfortunately, this isn’t a movie. It’s the real world. They are probably still trying to finish the fight that they started.

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