12 Weirdest Things Guys Tried to Have Sex With (Recently)

There’s an awful stereotype that men have an unquenchable sexual appetite. Yes, some people think that men will have sex with anything that has two legs. Or more. Or less. The truth is that the rule doesn’t actually apply to things with just legs. It can also apply to things with wheels, or other forms of support. The whole point is that men aren’t too picky.
Of course, that stereotype doesn’t describe the libido of every guy out there. Some of them are worse. But should we mock the guys who get a little lonelier and more desperate than others? Consider, for example, this dirty dozen of bizarre cases from just the past few years. Meet men from all around the world who simply tried to get it on with a wide variety of animals, objects, and just plain strange things. You might be shocked–or maybe intrigued to learn what all can be turned into a temporary mating partner…

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