Alyssa Miller Back With Jake Gyllenhaal, We Get The Hot Instagram Pics

Grim news for Valentine’s Day–Alyssa Miller is “back” “together” with her “boyfriend” Jake Gyllenhaal. This is depressing for several reasons. One is that we must now watch the media breathlessly report on the hot romance between our rightful girlfriend and somebody’s else’s rightful…well, why don’t we stay above such craven gossip? Our lawyers would like that. Instead, we’ll also note that the couple got back together just in time for Valentine’s Day, leading to the least sexy Instagram post in the history of Alysssa Miller’s Instagram account…

The showbiz media is all abuzz over this one, since all the entertainment journalists seem to be able to recognize Jake Gyllenhaal’s handwriting. We’re guessing that they can recognize¬†Jake Gyllenhaal’s handwriting because his publicist sent out a press release declaring that it can be found on a Valentine’s Day card addressed to a woman.
But we’re not going to be making any kind of snide remarks. We are happy for Alyssa Miller. Never mind that we celebrated her “breaking up” with Jake Gyllenhall with 40 Sexy Alyssa Miller Pics. Now we’re happy to celebrate Alyssa Miller getting back in the spotlight with her former flame. We can guarantee you that this will be a very high-profile romance, with lots of chances for us to see Alyssa out and looking fabulous, because that’s how Jake Gyllenhaal likes his women.
And we’re also hoping that Alyssa will be sending Jake lots of sexy Instagram pics so that we can all see how much her boyfriend likes to see his girlfriend looking all hot and sexy. That’s all a great reason for us to look back fondly at Alyssa’s sexiest Instagram pics. It’s even possible that you’ll enjoy these hot shots even more than Jake did…
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