Briana Lane on "Hawaii Five-0" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Briana Lane on Hawaii Five-0

(9:00 PM EST, CBS)

How do you compete against the Olympics? Well, your humble See Her Tonight column is happy to see CBS making a good try by programming three hours of Hawaii Five-0. It’s a smart idea, too. A lot of folks would welcome a Hawaiian vacation right about now. We certainly welcome a chance for Hawaii Five-0 to showcase more ladies like Jesiree Dizon and Behati Prinsloo. And the lovely Briana Lane is always welcome into our living rooms, as she pops by the islands for the 9 pm episode–where the Five-0 squad is hot on the trail of a runaway bride.
We’ve been running after Briana for a while, and she’s certainly a complicated gal. Briana Lane is  a big name in the kind of wholesome shows that frequently air on the Disney Channel. You’ll also find her being dazzlingly sexy in more adult fare. It wasn’t a shock to us when she showed up in an episode of Anger Management called “Charlie and the Christmas Hooker,” but a few folks were probably pleasantly surprised. Briana certainly has the range to be all family-friendly on shows like The Suite Life on Deck and Pop Star before getting sexy in more adult roles.
Briana’s also a bright comic talent on her own, and she might ultimately end up breaking out big as a television personality. That would be okay, too. We wish that she’d do more modeling, but Bri is a busy gal. We’re grateful for the pics that we have, though, so enjoy 19 more reasons to skip the snow and escape to Hawaii tonight…

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