Chris Paul Returns to New Orleans for All-Star Game

Chris Paul never really wanted to leave New Orleans in the first place. As the NBA All-Star weekend begins Friday night, Paul returns as a member of the Los Angeles Clippers to the place where he began his career in 2003. The only reason why Paul left New Orleans was because the team around him with the Hornets at the time was awful and he probably has some anger towards the team still because of finding out he was traded in the middle of the night.

However, this weekend is all about coming home and proving on the biggest stage in basketball what he can still do. He has missed 18 games this season with a separated right shoulder but returned recently and will play on Sunday night. It will be a difficult experience without any doubt for Paul and New Orleans as a whole. The team had Paul and current Indiana Pacers star David West on the same team when they both were rookies ten years ago.

It is going to be bittersweet for the Pelicans fans to see what could have been as Paul plays this weekend back at home in New Orleans. Paul has said that he has no negative things to say about New Orleans itself but the organization thoughts are probably much different.

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