Freestyle Skiier Henrik Harlaut Confirms "Wu Tang Does It For The Children"


I don’t have too much time to blog about Henrik Harlaut, the freestyle skiier who nearly lost his pants during yesterday’s men’s ski slope style competition, but he’s personally my favorite male athlete I’ve seen at the Olympics 2014 so far. What other guy with dreadlocks would go on the world stage and announce that “Wu Tang does it for the children?”

You need to check out this guy’s website because as far as I’m concerned he’s the motherf*cking truth. Anyone who wakes up to Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones (Pt. II)” is alright by me. Anyone who carries an uncooked egg in his pocket (which he did–a la Cool Runnings) is better than alright by me.

Now that he’s all done with the comp section of his Olympic journey, is there any doubt that Henrik will be enjoying some of Sochi’s finest herbs?

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