Melanie Scrofano Saves "RoboCop" [PHOTOS]

We’re predicting another stellar week for The LEGO Movie at #1–particularly now that college students have gotten the word that The LEGO Movie is one of the most trippy films since 2001: A Space Odyssey. There’s good reason that no one’s caring about RoboCop. We’ve already addressed how the high point of the movie is Abbie Cornish with her bod that requires absolutely no rebuilding.
But there’s also one big surprise in RoboCop. It doesn’t have anything to do with the direly predictable plot, though. No, we’re talking about a special appearance by¬†Melanie Scrofano. She might not be as big a name as the celebrity cameo at the end of The LEGO Movie, but Melanie sure stood out to us. Her small role in the film is nice, but we’ve always taken a big interest in Melanie Scrofano.
She got past us in an early episode of Supernatural, but a few horror fans took note of her in 2010’s Saw VI. She stole the show as a doomed gal in pink. That was the same year that she was sexy and psychotic in Manson–where she played sicko Charles Manson disciple Leslie Van Houten. And you know what else happened in 2010? Melanie showed up with the Kids in the Hall comedy troupe in Death Comes To Town and had a role in the underseen comedy show Pure Pwnage.
We couldn’t forget Melanie after that–and, thanks to her Canadian roots, we soon kept seeing her on the Syfy channel in original series. We’d say that someone needs to cast her on Lost Girl right away, but we can’t complain too much–because Melanie is going to be in the kinky ¬†psychosexual thriller Nurse 3D. That’s plenty to enjoy right there. We’re also going to enjoy seeing Melanie paired with the pair of Kaitlyn Leeb in the upcoming Wolves.
With all that happening, you might be tempted to skip big-screen Melanie in RoboCop. We won’t argue too much with that–but you still could change your mind after marveling at these pics…

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