NYC Snowboarders and Skiers Make the Most of the Snowpocalypse [VIDEO]

New York City might be getting pounded with snow, but that hasn’t stopped some local skiers and snowboarders from slapping on the boards and taking to the snowy streets.
Filmmaker Casey Neistat saw the snowbanks forming outside his NYC apartment and got the brilliant idea to take his snowboard out for a little spin on the city streets. How did he accomplish that? That’s simple. He tied a rope to the back of his Jeep and had a friend drive it as he skitched behind it down the block. He noted, of course, that he edited the video “to make me look much, much better than I actually am.” That must mean that he’s also got some amazing wipeout footage to share with the world along with his already impressive snowboarding video. A dark part of us has always wanted to see a snowboarder collide with a yellow cab.
Apparently, he’s not the only resident trying to slide their way through the storm. Several folks on Twitter such as Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington noticed people trying to ski their way to work, the store or whatever they were going while being pelted with snowflakes. You’ve got to admit it. NYCers are pretty resilient.
It looks like they have plenty of powder to keep them shredding well into the weekend. According to, another snowstorm is headed towards NYC and it’s expected to hit the city sometime this weekend giving them at least three more days of perfect skiing and snowboarding weather. So if you haven’t had a chance to shred some powder, you’ll have plenty of time before Mr. Sun ruins everybody’s fun come Monday.

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