What’s On Tap This Weekend: Kona Brewing Company's Koko Brown

I’m drinking a beer (not surprising) in the bitter cold and snow of Eastern North Carolina. Despite trying any and all styles, stouts, porters, IPAs, pilsners, have not warmed me or the weather so this weekend I am drinking a beer that is brewed in a state that is warm year-round and one that tastes like a place “where the air is dewy sweet!” This weekend Kona Brewing Company’s Koko Brown is What’s on Tap!

Since the company’s opening in 1994 on Hawaii’s Big Island, and then with the expansion of the Brew Pub in ’98, Kona Brewing has been producing paradise in a bottle. All of their beers are extremely drinkable and perfect for a day at the beach or laying-out poolside. But when looking for a brew to help me escape the South’s deep freeze I picked-up Koko Brown an American brown ale that has just the right coconut to malt ratio to maintain its drinkability. Koko is a hazy deep brown / amberish color ale that immediately gives off a coconut aroma, there is also a hint of nutty earthiness. Given the smell I thought the coconut would be over powering but each sip is equally balanced with malts, vanilla, toffee, and, of course, coconuts. On the backend of each sip there is some bitterness but not much.

To complement Koko’s coconut flavor I am pairing this beer with cayenne maple syrup glazed chicken quarters. Obvious the chicken has a sweet and spicy kick to it which should pair nicely with the coco-sweetness and slight bitterness of Koko brown. I am also hoping that grilling the chicken will transport me to a warm climate! So raise a glass of Koko to the weekend and thawing-out!

Beer Stats:

Alcohol by Volume: Approx. 5.5%
Weighted Avg: 3.43
IBUs: 28
Color: Hazy Deep Amber / Brown

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