Miley Cyrus Got Wild On Valentine's Day [35 Sexiest Concert Pics]

Miley Cyrus launched her Bangerz Tour in Canada at the Rogers Arena on Valentine’s Day–and you could say that things got a little wild. Concertgoers sure got their money’s worth with the full Miley Cyrus Experience. That included lots of changes into several different sexy outfits, plus lots of outrageous action from the pop star. We’re pretty sure that Miley broke a few records when it came to pop divas groping themselves on stage. It’s a good thing that we weren’t actually in the audience, or we might’ve broken a few records for audience members groping themselves offstage.
Although we should note that some COED staffers are saying that not all of these pictures are particularly sexy. That is true. Some of them are just fierce. After all, you can’t work the stage like Miley does without ending up in some awkward poses. That’s just rock ‘n roll. And if you don’t like Miley, then at least check out these pics to admire some of her backup dancers. We’re especially fond of the pic where Miley takes a moment to grab some Amazonian ass. That would justify our full ticket price.
We’re even leaving out a few of the outrageous things from the show–like the guy in the Bill Clinton mask who came out onstage while Miley mimicked doing the Full Lewinsky. We also skipped Miley riding the giant hot dog. Well, we have one token pic, but it wasn’t a really sexy moment. That’s thanks to Miley sporting a Big Bird outfit while mounting the thing.
You can check this article for some of that less-sexy stuff–but you’ll want to check the pics below first, and then maybe move on to our favorite pics of Miley at her most perverse, or maybe just some hot Miley Cyrus GIFs. Anyway, this all added up to a hot Valentine’s Day night for a lot of folks, and there’s nothing wrong with that…

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