Some Guy Funded a Kickstarter Campaign to Buy a Chicken Burrito

A man in Chicago with a big hankering for a burrito decided to start a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to buy one. [Image via crd!/Flickr]
And we don’t mean he started a fundraiser to get a buttload of burritos or even enough money to make the world’s biggest burrito. We literally mean he did a Kickstarter to get one, single, “uno” burrito. Noboru Bitoy’s campaign was titled “Graphing the deliciousness of a chicken burrito” and all he needed to pull it off was just $8, a goal that he reached on his first day. He even used the money to buy the burrito and complete his project. He took a trip to Chipotle, used the $8 to buy a full chicken burrito and documented his findings in a video. He even rated his experience as promised grading it a “Yum!” on a scale of “No to Wow!”
[vimeo 86165888 w=600 h=337]
The strange part is, however, that the fundraising hasn’t stopped. Every Kickstarter campaign gets a minimum of 30 days to raise the money they need to fund their project whether it’s a book, a movie, a video game or a quest to buy a chicken burrito. So as of Friday, he’s raised more than $760 dollars for a project that he just needed $8 to complete. Just think what he could do with the kind of money that’s about to fall into his lap. He could do a review of every burrito offered in the entire nation or just buy one of each and make one giant burrito and review that. He could become a Burrito God.

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