Alina Kabaeva: Is Olympics Gymnast Mrs. Vladimir Putin? [25 PICS]

People are wondering if Russian President (and general alpha male) Vladimir Putin is married to longtime girlfriend (and former Olympic gymnast) Alina Kabaeva. That’s because Alina Kabaeva balanced out the Russian hockey team’s embarrassing loss to the Americans by flashing a wedding ring on her right hand. (Russians wear their wedding bands on the right hand because they’re un-American.)
Alina wasn’t in Sochi for the occasion, but the Russian news media–who follow her around like she’s a Kardashian–sure got themselves worked up over the sighting. There have been a few rumors that the 61-year-old Putin actually married his 30-year-old girlfriend last September. That was after Putin announced in June that he was about to get a divorce from his wife, who was probably really thrilled that she wasn’t married to a North Korean leader.

Putin was also reportedly spotted wearing a wedding band last week, but the official word was put out that the picture in the press was actually from an event prior to Putin’s divorce. Nobody was going to argue with Putin about that.
Anyway, it would be just like Putin to steal the spotlight from his own Olympics with a marriage announcement. Especially with that Russian hockey team having such a bad time on the ice yesterday. Putin certainly put Alina out front by having her light the Olympic torch in the opening ceremonies. Check out these pics of the gyrating gymnast, and you’ll also agree that Putin has (possibly) landed himself a gold-medal bride. In the tradition of hot Russian Olympians, of course–but this gal is taken, guys, ring or not…
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