Diamond Engagement Rings Are A Scam You Can Do Nothing About [VIDEO]

The good news is that the whole “tradition” of proposing with a diamond engagement ring is total bullsh*t. The bad news is that your girlfriend still doesn’t care.
In this College Humor video, comedian Adam Conover reveals that the tradition of buying a diamond engagement ring to profess your undying love is actually just the result of ad campaigns launched by the De Beers diamond corporation. Nope, it’s not an ancient custom. We were all just completely fooled by an incredibly successful ad campaign created by a cartel of companies that have a monopoly in the diamond industry.
Not only is this “tradition” not real, but diamonds themselves aren’t even rare. Think about it. If every person who gets engaged has a diamond ring, could they actually be rare? Still, it’s not like this information changes anything. De Beers has ripped everyone off for so long that diamond engagement rings have actually become a tradition. So start saving up to buy that special someone a price-fixed piece of bullsh*t.

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