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Tracy Spiridakos on "Episodes" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Tracy Spiridakos on Episodes

(10:30 PM EST, Showtime)

You can see Tracy Spiridakos from Revolution in her sexiest role ever on tonight’s episode of Episodes on Showtime–or that’s what your See Her Tonight column would be saying if we hadn’t seen Tracy Spiridakos and Katie Cassidy enjoying some lesbian love in the 2013 indie Kill For Me. That one’s pretty hot. Still, we think a lot of Tracy fans are going to be pleasantly surprised by tonight’s Episodes. Which also–and this is a SPOILER but we gotta say that it’s totally worth knowing–Tracy is playing the daughter of the stunning Mircea Monroe for an extra added thrill.
END SPOILER here–although we’ll be surprised if you can actually follow the plot once Tracy shows up on the set of Pucks (that’s the show-within-the-show on Episodes) showing off some amazing cleavage. We’ve seen some good cleavage from Tracy on Revolutions, of course, but the highlight of her work on that sci-fi series was that time when she took her first really good bath in a long time. Yeah. That was a very special episode.
Not that we’re not loving Tracy Spiridakos as an actress. Like a lot of Canadian cuties, she got her start on an episode of Supernatural back in 2007. She’s worked continually in the Canadian genre circuit ever since then–and Revolution has worked ot well for her, too. Even if her character is kind of annoying. Episodes shows Tracy in a much better light, and we’re getting at least two appearances from her in the series. But first, check out these 26 pics that aren’t annoying at all, and might give you a few episodes…

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