Charles Barkley Does "Gin and Juice" For NBA All-Star Weekend [VIDEO]

If you follow the COED Twitter account, then you saw us posting a pic of Charles Barkley having a great time in New Orleans over the weekend. Sir Charles is in the city for the NBA All-Star Game, which meant an All-Star Weekend, which meant lots of great parties in New Orleans. Charles Barkley didn’t waste any time getting to Bourbon Street–and he ended up on Thursday night in Cats Meow, which has taken off as the city’s most popular karaoke bar.
And so we get video of Charles Barkley performing Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice” to a screaming crowd who’s knowing they’re seeing a rare moment in hip-hop music. It’s staying rarer than expected. We didn’t think that a video of Charles Barkley singing “Gin & Juice” would still need to be promoted five whole days after the fact, but this classic performance just isn’t being seen enough. So take a look and have some fun. It’s way better than the country music version that we heard once.

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