NBA All-Star Game Turns Into Offense-Only Exhibition

The NBA All-Star Game has turned into a glorified practice. That fact was sent straight home with Sunday night’s 2014 version of the game where the East beat the West 163-155. Everyone knows that the game is for the fans but after a while, isn’t some defense expected just to avoid the game becoming 211-209. It obviously boils down to the league just wanting to allow the team to run up and down the court without any worries about being stopped defensively.
The two teams threw up 242 shot attempts in 48 minutes or six a minute or one every ten seconds. There were even 100 three-point attempts along the way where just 30 were made. There are some adjustments that need to be made to the game but obviously none of those things are going to be coming anytime soon.
The league is more intent of keeping the game a high-flying exhibition of dunks and firing away from the outside to care about whether or not the game is even close to the best one of the four major sports. Many fans will enjoy it while many other old-school people must have had a problem with the offensive explosion that broke many records.

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