News Reporter Gets Scoop On "Slutty" Snow [VIDEO]

Julie Loncich at WCVB Channel 5 in Boston has had it with this motherf**king snow in her motherf**king city–and she’s going to use a bad word to describe the situation. Because this is Boston, and the city is very prim and proper, and surely the snow will disappear once the news reporter describes it as “slutty.” Which she does in the above video.
Yes, it’s very possible that Julie meant to use another word, but we think that she’s really on to something. We’ve been experiencing some of the sluttiest show that we’ve ever seen. This promiscuous snow is spread all over our part of the country, and now it’s all dripping wet and continuing to screw up the lives of assorted COED staffers. We’re thinking that Julic Loncich might be the most truthful reporter in America.
And speaking of truthful–after all the fake news reports that have been getting thrown around the internet lately, it’s a real relief to get the rare honest show of imperfection. That’s assuming that Julie really wasn’t being deathly accurate. We’re still hoping otherwise. She looks disapproving, right?

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