Someone Else Has Died from a #NekNomination

A #NekNomination competitor drank so much trying to outdo his challengers that he died following his attempt–which, technically, may be a win, but hardly worth the trouble. [Image via Defence Images/Flickr]
Newspapers in the UK reported that 20-year-old Bradley Eames of Nottingham, England died after downing two whole pints of gin as part of a response to a #NekNomination challenge on his Facebook page. His friends challenged him to top their drinking challenge online and Eames decided the best way to do that was to pour himself two tall pints of straight gin and mix it with teabags telling his viewers “this is how you drink.” He chugged both in one sitting but later complained to friends that he wasn’t feeling well before collapsing. Police have not been able to confirm an official cause of death but they suspect the extreme amount of alcohol he consumed before his passing was a contributing factor.
For those who don’t know how #NekNominations work, we’ve covered them fairly extensively in the past–but here are the basics. They start as video challenges in which someone completes a dumb or inane drinking stunt and then calls out two friends to top what they’ve done. Some of the stranger ones include a guy dressed as Ronald McDonald getting his drink on and then some.
Another guy went into a store dressed as an old lady and shoplifted his drink of choice before downing it and laying down the gauntlet to his next challenger.
Of course, they can reach even higher extremes and turn deadly such as this most recent one that marks the fifth time someone has died from a #NekNomination. So if you’re going to respond to one, please do so responsibly.

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