Tanith Belbin: Olympics' Charlie White Wins Gold In Girlfriend [PICS]

Charlie White and figure skating partner Meryl Davis have won the Winter Olympics gold medal with a flawless performance in Sochi–and they’re the first American to ever win the gold. Which is nice, but a lot of guys are more impressed to see the girlfriend that Charlie White scored. People all over the world, in fact, are happy to meet Tanith Belbin.
The media love to write about Charlie White and Tanith Belbin because they’re both world-class skaters who’ve had to keep their romance going as a secret. Regular guys love to hear about Charlie White and Tanith Belbin because–well, they usually leave Charlie White out of the equation. Tanith Belbin stands nicely alone as a Canadian beauty with a very impressive record as a 2006 Olympic silver medalist–not to mention being a three-time Four Continents champion, and a five-time U.S. champion, and a four-time World medalist.
“But,” you say, “surely the COED staff has become so dazzled by Tanith’s beauty that they’ve mistakenly referred to both a ‘Canadian beauty’ and a ‘U.S. champion?'” To which we say–actually, we’ve got our facts straight on this one, for Tanith Belbin has dual citizenship, courtesy of U.S. Senator Carl Levin of Michigan. He was probably just trying to keep a winner in Detroit, where Tanith was practicing while struggling to earn an American citizenship. We’re still grateful to Senator Levin for keeping Tanith in America.
We guess Charlie is plenty grateful, too. And now he no longer has to hide his love in shame because of…well, we’re not really sure what the rules are that made Charlie and Tanith such a clandestine romance. We admire how Charlie can keep a secret. Check out these pics, and see why we’ll tell anyone who’ll listen if we ever get a chance to spin with Tanith…

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