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Chelsea Gilligan on Star-Crossed

(9:00 PM EST, The CW)

The new sci-fi show Star-Crossed debuted on The CW last night–and now it’s debuting again, because The CW doesn’t have many hits on the schedule, and it needs to really push the first episode of their latest sci-fi saga. And we sure don’t mind another chance to check out Chelsea Gilligan as the young Earth gal who falls in love with a teen idol from another planet.
Actually, we’re pretty sure that Star-Crossed is inspired by the book that Marty McFly’s father has written at the end of Back to the Future. Remember that? Well, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that Chelsea Gilligan is starring in a sci-fi series, and that’s special enough for your See Her Tonight column to take a detour from the usual guest-star coverage.
Chelsea was a 2nd runner-up as Miss California in the Miss Teen USA 2009 pageant, so it’s not surprising that she quickly caught Hollywood’s interest. In fact, Chelsea made her debut on the rock ‘n roll kiddie show Big Time Rush as a beauty pageant contestant. She stayed in the background as a generic hot babe for a while, but then How I Met Your Mother added Chelsea to their list of legendary babes by giving her a proper role. (Which means Chelsea joins the ranks of Cynthia Murell, Tara Holt, and Nikki Limo.)
Chelsea then took the time to show off her acting skills in a great short film called Savage (which you can watch here). That helped establish her as more than just a pretty face and smokin’ bod–which brings us to Star-Crossed. We’re hoping that this will be the hit show that The CW needs, but we’ll be following Chelsea’s career anywhere. Mostly via Twitter, sadly, but these hot pics will make us feel better about our own star-crossed love

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