Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith: History of Hip-Hop Dancing [VIDEO]

Jimmy Fallon began his stint as the host of The Tonight Show¬†with guests Will Smith and U2–and things went pretty well. There was a smart gag that crammed in plenty of celebrities coming in to pay off Jimmy on a $100 bet that he’d never end up hosting the show. Fallon could’ve opened with a strong monologue, but that’s never really been his strength. The debut episode did, however, manage a pretty classic moment with Fallon and Smith joining up for another look back at great moments in the History of Dance.
In this case, it was the History of Hip-Hop Dance–and anyone familiar with modern comedy could guess that Fallon would’ve found a way to get Will back in splashy colors worthy of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. And, yes, “The Carlton” was included among the dance moves that were saluted by the dancing duo.
Give the guys credit for actually providing some educational moments, though. Just as with Fallon’s dancing with¬†Justin Timberlake, this leftover bit from Late Night remains historically accurate. You can tell that these bits are put together by people who really love their pop culture. That’s the best thing that the new Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has going for it, and we’re certainly ready to keep giving it a try…
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTpn30Pms8I]

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