Julie Strain: 50 Fantastic Pics For A Fantasy Gal's Birthday [PHOTOS]

Julie Strain is turning 52 years old today, and anyone who’s run into the Amazon Queen of the B-Movie Scene knows that the 6’1″ siren is still turning heads. Which is better than decapitating them, and we’re pretty sure that Julie has done that a few times over the years. In fact, Julie Strain has pretty much done it all over the course of an amazing career that has the ultimate hallmark of a true trash queen–in that Julie does all kinds of amazing fantasy work even when she doesn’t need the money.
Of course, some kids today might not be familiar with the star of ’90s epics like Bikini Hotel and Heavenly Hooters. The native California gal really got her start in 1991 as a Penthouse Pet, and Hollywood was already calling with some pretty good roles. In fact, Julie Strain made it to the multiplexes early in her career with a role in the 1991 Steven Seagal classic Hard to Kill. Sadly, the movie studios didn’t know what to do with a striking gal who was taller than most of her leading men. [If you’re in the market for more recent hot genre gals, we suggest the likes of Jessica Sonneborn, Gina Carano, and Crystal Lowe.]
Julie could’ve probably spent her career standing in for Geena Davis–like she did in Thelma & Louise–but Julie needed more action than that. She would spend the ’90s making sexy videos for the Penthouse empire while also kicking ass in genre movies and erotic thrillers. Julie made a big impression with very erotic turns in Carnal Crimes and Night Visions (also both from 1991) and then really established herself on video store shelves with nine productions in 1992. Penthouse was proud enough to name her Pet of the Year in 1993.
By 1994, Julie Strain had become enough of a cult figure as a tough gal to show up in both Naked Gun 33 1/3 and Beverly Hills Cop III. She had a really big direct-to-video hit  with Sorceress in 1995, and spent a long time as every fanboy’s fantasy of a big-screen Wonder Woman and/or Vampirella. (At least we got Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, though.)
Somewhere amongst there, Julie married (and divorced) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator  Kevin Eastman–who had purchased Heavy Metal magazine and put together a great animated feature-length movie based on his wife. The main thing to take from that, though, is that Julie Strain doesn’t need money. Yet she’s still out there at conventions and taking the occasional role in movies like Space Girls in Beverly Hills, because she’s a geek girl herself and a really fun babe. And even if you’re not a geek yourself, we suggest you settle in with these pics that are guaranteed to get you geeking out…

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