This Week in ASU Awesomeness: February 18th [PHOTOS]

It seems like our “ASU Awesomeness” posts are getting a good amount of attention because this morning we had in our inbox an email from ASU relating to the first edition of ASU Awesomeness #TrueStory.

What’s also true is that the students at ASU are still up to no good and absolutely loving it, posting all their best photos to @ASUConfessions. We’ve pulled the best of those (and then some) so that you can moan and groan about why you chose to attend college in the North East.

Two quick shout outs. First, to all those at ASU who partied after rocking the U of A this weekend. Nice work. Second, the guy who’s responsible for the tweet below:

just might wind up with something slightly more serious than just an email from the school.


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