Jean Claude Van Damme Will Star In Your Movie For Free

Our good friends over at Funny Or Die came up with one of the best ideas ever: put action hero and all around treasure Jean Claude Van Damme into your movie. Of course, you don’t get to meet him. You haven’t even written the script for him yet. But by using green screen technology, you can sure look like you’re making a movie with him. Funny or Die is offering up plenty of free footage of JCVD doing what he does best: being an action hero. The Internet is about to have a fireball with this footage and you’re invited.
Submit your video before midnight March 3, and you can live in infamy. And for such a serious action star, Jean is actually pretty hilarious in the short. Although perhaps not as (unintentionally) hilarious as he was in Street Fighter

So, get on it, everyone. We know that we’ll be running with this. And so will a few major studios making some comedies. Think about it–you suddenly have public-domain footage of Jean Claude Van Damme to use in your movie. Seth Rogen could go add a big-screen cameo to the upcoming Neighbors right now.

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