New "Wolfenstein: The New Order" Trailer Shoots Up The Screen [VIDEO]

Bethesda Softworks unleashed the first gameplay footage of their upcoming revisit to the Wolfenstein first person shooter franchise with a new trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order. This time, it seems that the Nazi menace have actually taken over, well, just about every corner of the world and it’s up to BJ Blazkowicz and his endless arsenal of vital organ destroying weapons to take down the new world order by shooting anything that moves in front of him.
This new trailer finally shows us some of the loud, gory gameplay we’ve been hoping for since the last Wolfenstein game disappointed us so much. It tried to take us back to the original FPS by introducing a totally unnecessary, special power element to the game that let you freeze your enemies and slow down time. The original Wolfenstein 3D didn’t need magic crystals to be cool. This new game seems to realize that all we need to have fun is bigger and badder weapons and an endless army of Nazi scum to mow down.
They really seem to be making an earnest attempt to go back to the game’s roots. Sure they might add a few new gameplay elements but the main focus seems to be on shooting and combat. Characters like BJ don’t need magic talismans and spells to defeat their enemies. All gamers really want from a game like Wolfenstein is guns and a lot of them. Well, that and maybe a chainsaw, which was a nice touch if it’s actually a usable weapon in the new game.

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