You Can Play "Doom 4" If You Pre-Order "Wolfenstein: The New Order"

The latest news about Wolfenstein: The New Order confirmed that an even more interesting game may be in the works: Doom 4.

The latest and some thought long, lost installment of the revered and highly anticipated first person shooter is still in the works at Bethesda Softworks and they are offering fans who pre-order the new Wolfenstein game a chance to play it before everyone else. Customers who pre-order the game will receive a special code with their boxed copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order that will allow them to join the beta test of the next Doom game. The new Wolfenstein game won’t hit the store shelves until May 23rd so the beta test will happen some time later.

The interesting news appeared at the end of the trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order that was released earlier today. The screenshot only refers to a “Doom Beta” and not Doom 4 specifically but it has to be the Doom 4 we’ve been hoping and praying we’d see in our lifetime. The game has been languishing in development hell for some time after the studio scrapped the version they had been working on to completely retool the game in the hopes they could release something that would merit the release of a fourth Doom game. It can’t be another re-release of the original Doom because id Software and Bethesda already did that with the release of their remastered BFG Edition that included all three Doom games on one disc. It just has to be the next installment of the Doom franchise unless id and Bethesda’s goal is to perpetually raise and dash our hopes for all eternity.

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