31 Reasons Not To Drive While Reading The SI Swimsuit Issue [PICS]

Oh, it’s all fun and games when the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue arrives in the mail–until the guys start trying to drive home from the store and can’t resist taking a quick sneak peek. Actually, there are lots of bookstore employees who are grateful that the men can restrain themselves for that long. We’re kind of baffled by that, too. Some of those stores really mean it when they say “lifelong ban.”
Anyway, we’ve compiled 31 photos here as a Public Service Announcement to urge that guys wait until they get home before trying to check out their 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. You’ll see that a lot of these pics have drivers who couldn’t even wait to get out of the parking lot. We also want to offer a 100% guarantee that every single one of these pics was taken within the last 48 hours, and can be directly tied to the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
Don’t try filing some class action lawsuit, though. It won’t work. Our lawyers have assured us that the courts still demand personal responsibility when it comes to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. That’s why we have to put up with those lifetime bans from the past several years, even though sometimes we just want a Pepsi or maybe some gum. The law is harsh–but not as harsh as not paying attention to the road, people. Let this be a warning…

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