Chihuahua Gangs Are A Thing Now

Perhaps you’ve never heard of the neighborhood Maryvale located in Phoenix, Arizona before…well, you’re not likely to forget it now. Maryvale is now home to a roving gang of Chihuahas. Yes, you read that correctly. Tons of cute, little “Taco Bell” mascots are out there terrorizing the hood. This is not a joke.

The rogue chihuahuas are running wild, leaving excrement all over the place and harassing children that are just attempting to walk to school. Local animal control agencies have received around 6,000 thousand calls from concerned citizens.  Melissa Gable with Maricopa County Animal Care and Control said,  ”Part of it is these animals aren’t spayed or neutered, so they’re out looking for a mate and are having babies, which also contributes to the problem.” Maricopa Animal Care and Control will spay and neuter dogs at no charge. They also plan to visit Maryvale in the summer to provide the service for residents, ABC reports.

Chihuahua gangs in America, Rabbit gangs in Japan, what’s next? Herds of super cute kittens roaming the streets of New York?

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