Has Your Netflix Been Slow? You're Not Alone

Have your Netflix streams been much more choppy in recent months? Have you constantly been pressing refresh? Are you getting super frustrated with your once true love: Netflix? Well, join the club. Netflix streaming quality has slowed at multiple major ISPs since this past October.
According to one of the Wall Street Journal’s sources, “within the past four to six months, Netflix traffic through Cogent’s connections to one major broadband provider has at least quadrupled” in good part because Netflix has expanded its Super HD streaming service to all of its customers. This has led ISPs to demand some extra cash from Netflix that will be used to help ISPs speed up their networks to meet traffic demand. Netflix, meanwhile, “wants broadband companies to hook up to its new video-distribution network without paying them fees for carrying its traffic,” the Journal writes.
Unfortunately for all of us, this is not very good timing because, as everyone of you should know, House of Cards has returned with a second season and is better than ever.  The show that is keeping everyone very, very busy at the Netflix headquarters.
Let’s be honest, though. At the end of the day, we’d much rather pay 7.99 a month any day for Netflix, than 70 a month for Cable.  The cable companies know that everyone is moving towards subscription based service and they should be scared. Very, very scared.

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