Survey Finds STDs Don't Stop 1 in 5 College Students from Having Sex

A new survey found that nearly one out of five people would still have sex with someone if there was a risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. [Image via robertelyov/Flickr] conducted the study by talking to students about their sexual proclivities when it comes to STDs and potential partners. The study found that 19 percent of those surveyed would still go to bed with someone if they knew they had an STD and 39 percent said they had actually done just that in the past. Those who said that they would get in bed with someone with a disease said they weren’t worried about contracting it because they would protect themselves by using condoms. 23 percent of the total survey said they had contracted a disease in the past, the most common of which was Chlamydia.
Of course, doctors insist on not exposing yourself to contracting any kind of STD because condoms can’t prevent the spread of every disease. They insist on waiting until the person has been “treated properly before venturing into a sexual relationship with them” in order to “ensure your intimacy is safe from risk of infection.” They probably aren’t taking into account some kind of deserted island or end of the world scenario where it’s only you and Kate Upton left and it’s up to both of you to repopulate the Earth or something. We’re sure if that were the case, they’d say “Hell, go for it” if they published their paper in the New England Journal of Extreme Long Shots.

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