Worker Fired for Using a Forklift to Get Twix Out of a Vending Machine

A man in Iowa found himself on the unemployment line for allegedly trying to get his trapped candy bar out of a company vending machine with a forklift. [Image via myguitarzz/Flickr]
Robert McKevitt of Spirit Lake, Iowa lost his job at a industrial warehouse for committing what his former employer deemed to be unsafe work practices. According to unemployment records, McKevitt wanted to snack on a Twix candy bar and paid $1 for one out of a vending machine but it got stuck. He tried all the usual methods of retrieving it: hitting it on the side, rocking it back and forth, spewing a stream of obscenities at it. Still, it wouldn’t budge.
The business claims that he wanted it so bad that after trying everything he could to get his candy bar, he got on one of the company’s forklifts and dropped the machine several times to shake it loose. He not only managed to jar the candy bar he paid for from its position but also several other items that were in the machine. He may have gotten his Twix but five days later, he lost his job.
McKevitt claims he was just using the forklift to carefully place the machine back in its proper place after trying to retrieve his treat. If that were so, that means he must have rocked the thing so hard that only an industrial machine could move it back into place. Either way, it’s a lot of potential pain and injury to go through just to get a Twix bar. If it was a stuck Butterfinger, then maybe he’d have a point.

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