"Anchorman 2: The Sequel" Is Coming To Theaters, Kinda [VIDEO]

Paramount Pictures is releasing Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues in theaters again for just one week. However, they aren’t just re-releasing the Will Ferrell comedy that they released last Christmas. The film that will hit theaters on Friday, Feb. 28th is an expanded, “Super Sized, R-Rated Version” that boasts a whopping “763 new jokes” that didn’t make it in the original film. The new version will only be in theaters for one week and if you miss it, you’ll have to wait until April 1st for the release of Anchorman 2 on Blu-Ray.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g05xOZ7dEQU&w=600&h=338]
Apparently, they cut a lot of choice bits out of the final product in order to get the MPAA to give them a PG-13 rating including some stuff that they teased in the trailer. The most notable cut was a hilarious scene in which the narrow minded news team of Ron Burgundy, Champ Kind, Brian Fantana and Brick Tamland encounter a gay man in the offices of their new news studio and are shocked to learn that he’s “openly gay” and doesn’t have vampire powers. That leads to a musical number in which the team try to wonder what it would be like to be “Gay for a Day.”
Leaving so many extra scenes and jokes on the cutting room floor has become a trademark of the Anchorman movies. The first film had so many deleted scenes that they were able to make another, direct to DVD movie with them called Wake Up, Ron Burgundy in which the Channel 4 news team tries to take down a group of society disrupting bank robbers called The Alarm Clock. This one, however, is just a longer version of the original film but we’ll still take it.

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