Florida Man In Blue Arrested, Because Florida

A man dressed in a business suit, on a black bicycle, with a helmet and bluish-purple paint all over his face was arrested in Ocala, Florida on Friday, February 21.
Dollar Tree employees described the strange man and that he had been hanging out near their store. Anthony Cifuentes, 37, made workers so uncomfortable while he was inside the Ocala business and riding around the shopping center’s parking lot, that police stopped and questioned him. Sure enough, Cifuentes was wanted out of Alachua County for writing bad checks. After being investigated, the cops discovered that he had a warrant out since 2010. This just goes to show you that if you see someone in a suit with blue paint all over their face hanging outside of a store, it’s never a bad idea to question them.
At this point does any weird news coming out of Florida shock you anymore? Seriously, what the hell is going on in this state? With anything and everything from a Wrestler offering $100 to kill a cop on Facebook to someone smoking weed inside a Maternity ward, you can always expect something extremely interesting (i.e. absolutely insane) to come out of the Sunshine State. Keep it up, Florida, we look forward to the next bizarro news story that’s sure to happen at some point in the next 24 hours.

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