"Super Mario Bros." Player Wins with Lowest Possible Score [VIDEO]

YouTuber NotEntirelySure accomplished something that may not sound amazing but is actually incredibly difficult. He beat the NES classic Super Mario Bros. with the lowest possible score.
The lowest possible score a player can get on the NES classic and beat the game is 500 points or five sets of 100 point pickups from the flags at the end of certain levels. Not only did he accomplish this amazing feat but he also did it just in under nine minutes making it one of the lowest scoring Super Mario Bros. speed runs ever recorded. He posted his impressive speed run on his YouTube channel.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kvT0dywaF8&w=600&h=450]
This achievement may not sound like something that takes a lot of skill until you realize the things that the game throws at poor Mario. Actions like stomping enemies, picking up power-ups and coins and even breaking brick blocks are all worth points. It’s actually much easier to beat the game when you can stomp on a Goomba, fireball a Spikey or kick a Koopa Paratroopa shell into a line of enemies. It is much, much harder to do it when when you’re trying to avoid killing anything on the screen or even using a Super Mushroom. We’ve been playing the game for so long that we’ve trained ourselves to destroy the enemies that saunter into our path. Trying to do the opposite must require some kind of brain rewiring to resist the natural urge to kick a Buzzy Beetle into a Bullet Bill and jump as high as we can to score the highest possible bonus at the end of each level.

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