44 Frightening Eyebrows For The End of February [PHOTOS]

It sure has been pleasant around the COED offices lately–what with covering the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (like here and here) and the sporty babes of the Olympics (like here and here) and New York Fashion Week (like…well, actually, we just stalked a lot of models during that one). The important thing is that the most fabulous parts of our February are over, and all of the action that warmed our hearts during a bleak month is now gone like tears in rain.

Yes, we won’t lack for finding plenty of other amazing gals to present here at COED. For now, though, we want to show you how our world is going to look to us for the next few days. We present you with 44 frightening displays of scary eyebrows, as sported by anti-babes who’d need a severe makeover before making it into any of favorite February scenes. Even scarier, this technically translates to 88 actual eyebrows.

We don’t mean to be cruel here. We’re sure that many of these gals are nice people and genuine artsy types expressing their personal vision. They still represent the abyss that we’re dealing with until the Academy Awards comes along on Sunday. That’ll be a busy evening of enjoying glamorous gals all looking their best. As opposed to the gallery below–which, we’ll note, also includes some guys, because we know that men can fumble their grooming, too.
We certainly don’t have any reason to worry about our own grooming for a while. At least not until Oscar Night, when we’ll look our best while using our telepathic powers to reach out to the hottest nominees. Or the women with the most money. We’re not judgmental. At least, not until it comes to looks like these…

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