Jillian Hervey: Vanessa Williams' Daughter Goes International [PHOTOS]

The COED staff can’t keep anything to themselves, it seems–including Jillian Hervey, who’s been a star waiting to happen around NYC for way too long. She’s earned plenty of exposure, though. Jillian and her longtime partner Lucas Goodman have shown some real dedication to working sultry dance music under the name of Lion Babe.
Plenty of bands in New York City tend to change names and genres if they’re not building a big buzz within six weeks. Lion Babe is the work of really committed musicians–which is all the more impressive when you consider that Jillian Hervey is a showbiz scion who could just toss the project aside to cash in quickly on a cheaper kind of fame.
So this is the part where we note that Jillian Hervey is Vanessa Williams’ daughter, which you wouldn’t know if we hadn’t told you. Jillian is too hip to work that connection. In fact, we’ve mostly gotten into Jillian courtesy of her Tumblr account. We feel like that’s a secret we shouldn’t share, either–but the cat is out of the bag with Jillian, so to speak, now that the UK’s Daily Mail has run an article on the gal’s striking beauty.
So, here’s the deal: Lion Babe is an impressive band, as you can check out here, and we’ve already linked to her Tumblr account, and now here are some hot pics of a gal who it’s kind of hard to miss when you see her in New York City. Sorry that we tried to keep Jillian to ourselves. As you can see, she’s the kind of gal who can’t be hidden away…

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