Musical Map Shows Top-Selling Recording Artists In Each State

In this really cool infographic, we find out the best selling artist by state of birth.
Redditor Ooosh-E recently took some data from the RIAA’s list of the 250 top-selling musicians in the United States and made a pretty awesome map for all of us. There were definitely some interesting reveals and gems in here. For one, Kenny G is number one in Washington. Really? No Nirvana? Also, good to know that Metallica can hold down the entire state of California, actually quite a feat.
Interesting that some of the much larger-than-life performance artists hailed from the Midwest. Artists and spectacles in themselves, like Michael Jackson (Indiana), Madonna (Michigan), R. Kelly (Illinois), and, of course, Prince (Minnesota). Maybe something about growing up in the idle Midwest makes certain people want to be the biggest stars on the planet? No real surprise with the South, where each artist is a full-blown Country star.  However, the biggest state loyalty has got to go to “The Boss” himself, Mr. Bruce Springsteen, who lives and breathes New Jersey. Good to know that his state feels mutually about their golden son, who is still as popular as ever and still very much the go-to person when it comes to New Jersey.

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