Zack Greinke Unhappy About Going to Australia To Begin Season

It would be safe to say that Zack Greinke isn’t happy about the Los Angeles Dodgers starting the 2014 regular season in Australia–and officials in Australia aren’t happy with Greinke right now either. Greinke told that there is “zero excitement” for the games that will be played at the Sydney Cricket Ground on March 21 and 22. The people in Australia want to know why Greinke is so upset about this.
Greinke is a creature of habit and a trip like this will throw off his normal routine which is likely why he is so upset about the idea. There aren’t very many solutions here unless Greinke decides he doesn’t want to go on the trip, which is unlikely because the team will want him there.
The Dodgers organization is excited and while Greinke has backtracked some about the topic, he isn’t happy still. This is something that won’t settle down however until after the team returns for Sydney in late March and even though Greinke isn’t happy about it, it is an event that will grow baseball even more around the world.

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