Paula Patton & Robin Thicke Split, Meet Our New Girlfriend [36 Pics]

Paula Patton is divorcing her husband (and high-school sweetheart) Robin Thicke, and that’s a real shock–because who could’ve watched Robin Thicke cavorting around with Emily Ratajkowski and Elle Evans in the “Blurred Lines” video without thinking, “Boy, I bet Robin can’t get back to his wife after this song becomes a massive hit that establishes him as one of the biggest pop stars of the decade.”
We will concede that Paula Patton’s been married to the guy since 2005, and that’s like celebrating a 50th anniversary by Hollywood standards. That’s also the same year that Paula made the move from being one of modeling’s biggest babes to starting up an acting career. She made her big-screen debut in Will Smith’s Hitch, and then went on to some indie projects. Then she was back in the multiplexes with Denzel Washington in the underseen 2006 sci-fi thriller Déjà Vu.
Paula also showed up in a Robin Thicke video courtesy of 2006’s “Lost Without You.” Robin must’ve gone out and bought a compass. Paula was one of the many glamorous gals who got toned down for a few scenes in Precious, and became a proper movie star with a lead role in 2010’s  Mission: Impossible–Ghost Protocol. That saved her from taking a small-screen role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
We were looking forward to geeking out over Paula in the upcoming Warcraft film adaptation, but that was before we knew that we had a shot at marrying her. This changes everything, folks. So we’re going to go polish up our courting skills by watching Hitch, and you guys can check out these pictures, since we’re going for the real thing. Good thing for you that we’re not the jealous type…

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