Ali G Gets Rezurected (Sort Of) On American TV Tonight [VIDEO]

Tonight (kind of) marks the return of a true comedy legend. Sacha Baron Cohen‘s original character, Ali G  is back tonight with Ali G Rezurection at 10:30pm ET/PT on FXX.  Ali G got his start in the States on HBO’s Da Ali G Show in 2003. Following this, he made his own movie Ali G Indahouse (co-starring Game of Thrones‘ Charles Dance and Sherlock‘s Martin Freeman). And now, after so many years, the character is officially back on American TV again.
But the big catch is that there’s not going to be any actual new episodes. That’s going to be news to a lot of people, it seems. FXX first teased the show a few weeks ago, and you can find plenty of articles where writers didn’t do their homework. This will definitely a bit of a letdown for people expecting Cohen to grace the world with some brand new hilarity.
Ali G Rezurection, however, will include every episode of HBO’s Da Ali G Show with new, original introductions starring Sacha Baron Cohen, along with the original English episodes of Da Ali G Show (dating back to 2000 on UK’s Channel 4) that never aired on American television and will also feature The Best of Ali G. We’re talking basic cable, but we’re also talking FXX basic cable, so we’ll have to see how things go as far as editing out naughty bits.
It’s quite a feat that Cohen still remains so relevant after all of this years in the ever-changing comedy world. Let’s just hope that his “introductions” throughout the new show are enough to keep all of you watching throughout the season, especially if you’ve already seen most of the episodes…

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