Best Look Yet At "GODZILLA," But Is There Shrinkage? [PIC & VIDEO]

The trailer for the new Godzilla movie created quite a stir on the Internet–and Empire Magazine gave us our first real look at the metropolis destroying monster. It’s a pretty cool image, and helps to explain why Godzilla is one of Our Most Anticipated Movies of 2014.
The movie magazine put the towering giant on its cover just a day after the trailer only gave us a fleeting glimpse of the massive beast as Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston tried to warn us all that it would take us back to the Stone Age. The trailer showed us some fleeting shots of Godzilla’s massiveness but only as teasers to make us want to see the movie. So far, it’s doing a good job. Empire, however, decided that we waited long enough to see what Godzilla looks like so they put the beast on its cover and it looks like we’re going to get the Godzilla we’ve been hoping for since the disappointing 1998 version directed by Roland Emmerich. But check out the full cover before we try doing some math….

The monster looks great and all, but the cover poses an interesting discrepancy. Exactly how big is the new Godzilla? The movie seems to suggest that he is massive beyond the point of human comprehension. Check out that trailer again below, and see how Godzilla dwarfed just about every building and human he came across. In fact, just a shot of his leg was bigger than the buildings he was about to stomp.
The cover, however, seems to suggest he’s not that big. It could just be the way the layout presents him but it mess with our mind’s eye a bit as we try to imagine just how big the new Godzilla really looks before we get to see the movie. We can’t wait! Can someone get a really long yard stick and just tell us how big he is already? Like we said, watch the video and see if we’re crazy here…

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