Brandin Cooks Gets Instant $100,000 Adidas Endorsement For Awesomness

The former Oregon State Wide Receiver Brandin Cooks has already made some serious cash way before the NFL draft. Adidas gave Cooks $100,000 for running the fastest 40 time while wearing the company’s cleats.
Cooks’  4.33 40 time was actually the second-fastest time of anyone at the combine, losing only to running back Dri Archer of Kent State, who ran a 4.26. However, Archer wasn’t wearing the “Adidas adizero cleat” and Cooks was, so one of these guys is $100,000 dollars richer and the other one…well, he’s probably wishing he wore some Adidas. 
Adidas also handed out $10,000 prizes for positional winners. Stephen Morris of Miami ran a 4.63 and won $10,000 as the top quarterback. Colt Lyerla of Oregon ran a 4.61 and won a $10,000 prize as the top tight end. Henry Josey of Missouri ran a 4.43 and won $10,000 as the top running back. 
Adidas, who’s North American headquarters is interestingly located in Cooks’  college state of Oregon, engaged  in guerilla marketing through this promotion since Under Armour is the NFL’s official Combine brand. Players wore Under Armour tops and shorts in the drills and were given Under Armour cleats but were free to choose whatever cleats they wanted. Looks like Cooks made the right decision by going with Adidas. And maybe in ditching his senior year at Oregon State to go pro. He’s already made more money than we did in our senior year.
The true moral of this story is that from now on smart people worldwide will be wearing Adidas for anything and everything. Just remember to hit the company up for money the moment anything interesting happens. You never know, people, you could end up getting a couple thousand for wearing your Adidas Sambas during a hot dog eating contest? Probably not but one can dream. 

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