Hell Bent For Denim: 85 Hot Babes With Their Jeans On Tight [PHOTOS]

It’s the 185th birthday of Levi Strauss, and surely all ┬ámen are indebted to the great man who pretty much invented denim. Levi, however, did a lot more than create a lasting brand name and give manly men some work clothes. He also gave womanly women the most amazing showcase yet for their babealicious butts. It’s kind of sad to think that poor Levi–who was born on February 26th, 1929–lived in times where women didn’t get to work their naughty nether regions into tight denim.
We’re sure there were a few Calamity Jane types out there in Levi’s home of San Francisco. It’s just that Levi Strauss got plenty rich during his life, so he probably only associated with proper ladies who only wore dresses. Fortunately, times have changed. Now we can put together a hot gallery of awesome babes showing off their assets in all kinds of jeans. We have everything here from big name stars to amazing amateur party gals in a wide variety of dazzling displays of denim.
So let’s salute the hard-working man who created denim and a few fetishes. We like to think that Levi Strauss is up there in Heaven saying, “This sucks, for verily I cannot see the fine asses of hot babes in tight jeans from here, but I can still look down their tops, so I got that going for me, which is nice.” Now check out this gallery that’s guaranteed to give you a denim fetish to call your own…

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