Is Snow Swimming a Good Idea? [VIDEO]

A pair of dumb buddies in Duluth, Minnesota shot a video of themselves swimming in what appears to be several inches of freshly fallen snow.
The whole country has been experiencing an abnormally cold winter but no one has had it worse than the North Star State. Weather reports show parts of Minnesota getting 50 to 75 inches of the stuff and it’s well on its way to becoming one of the coldest winters in almost 35 years. The snow has caused endless school closings, traffic accidents and all sorts of other problems for people who are stuck in piles of the stuff. However, that didn’t stop two guys from having a little fun. Instead of spending all their time huddled around a hot plate for warmth, they ditched their heavy coats and scarves and slapped on swimming caps and Speedos and went for a little swim. They also filmed it so the coldest among us could warm themselves up with their laughter.

Of course, we’re appreciative for their attempt to entertain us with their mindless antics but is this really a good idea? We’re not health experts as evidenced by our praise for Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu but this has to pose a potential for some kind of health threat. It looks like fun but it also looks like something that should come with a “Don’t try this at home” warming. At the very least, it must cause some kind of severe man-shrinkage that shows you that your junk is capable of turning inside out on itself.

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