Josh Hart Learns Lesson About Not Knowing Frank Robinson

If Josh Hart is going to be part of the Baltimore Orioles organization, he had better learn about some of the greatest players in the team’s history. After Hall of Famer Frank Robinson spoke to the team, Hart told Orioles manager Buck Showalter that he didn’t know who Robinson was. Showalter told Hart to go out and write a one-page report on Robinson.
It is a breath of fresh air to see a manager do something like that. Players in this day and age just go out and play and not know about the history of the team they are playing for. Hart probably should have had to write a report on all the great players in Baltimore baseball history. He could have added one on Cal Ripken or Jim Palmer or even Rick Dempsey.
Hart isn’t going to make the major league roster this season, and probably won’t for the next couple of years–but if he ever gets to Camden Yards, he will now know about one of the greatest players who came before him in an Orioles uniform.

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