Kanye West Explains Artistry To Seth Meyers on "LATE NIGHT" [VIDEO]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhSv9U5pc-U]
Late Night with Seth Meyers had Kanye West as the lead guest last night–which would’ve probably been better for Monday’s big debut, but the ratings didn’t suffer. It was probably best for Seth to have at least one Late Night under his belt before hosting a guy like Kanye. And while Seth didn’t fawn quite as pathetically as Jimmy Kimmel, it still wasn’t a particularly fascinating interview. Well, at least not in the form of hard questions.
What was fascinating? That would be Kanye going on about his art. We can take Yeezus as seriously as anyone, but we have a more difficult time taking Kanye West seriously when he drones on about his big vision. Seriously, the best thing about this clip is Seth Meyers proving that he has the gumption to listen to Kanye ramble on without nodding off or blanking out completely. Seth even manages a follow-up question to some weirdness that’s pretty hard to follow. The entire thing feels like a hazing ritual for the new Late Night guy.

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